Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Origin game installation:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour\

CD or ISO game installation:

C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\

R.G. Mechanics game installation:

C:\Program Files (x86)\R.G. Mechanics\Command and Conquer - Generals\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour\

Select 'GermanZH.big' in case you have a German game installation.

Wählen Sie 'GermanZH.big', wenn Sie eine deutsche Spieleinstallation haben.

Piliin ang 'GermanZH' kung sakaling mayroon kang isang pag-install ng German na laro.

حدد 'GermanZH.big' في حالة تثبيت اللعبة الألمانية.



Do you read the live-stream chat?

I try to read the chat as often as I can. Most of the time my focus will be on the game, so you might have to repeat yourself a couple of times. 😅

Can I write in my own language in the live-stream chat?

You are allowed to write in your own language, but please make an effort to write in English. I understand some of you are not comfortable, but don't worry, we're all quite chill. 🙂

What are your PC specs?


Graphics card sponsored by Instant-Shock. The rest of the PC was sponsored by awesome supportive fans back in 2019! 🤩


Keyboard sponsored by Instant-Shock.


Screen / Game recording + microphone OBS Studio
Donation / Subscriber alerts + donation bar Streamlabs OBS
Voice chat Discord
Countdown timer + on-screen hotkeys My own Java program (not publicly available)

Can I voice chat with you on the live-stream?

Yes! The Discord voice chat is open to the public during my live-stream, so everyone can stop by and say 'hello'! Just join the Instant-Shock Discord server. After you've assigned yourself the C&C role just scroll to the bottom and find the Live-Stream Voice voice chat room and join me there.

Please make sure your microphone is set up correctly and that no background noise is present, otherwise you may be muted. Also please be on your best behavior; there is a zero-tollerance for shenanigans and you will be banned from the Discord server if you misbehave continuously.

How did you get the hotkeys to show when you play?

It's a Java program that I created myself. Unfortunately due to licensing issues I cannot make this program publicly available.

Playing the game

How did you change your hotkeys?

Changing your hotkeys for the first time can take between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how many keys you wish to change.

  1. Install and launch XCC Mixer.
  2. In XCC Mixer select: File → Open...
  3. Browse to your C&C Generals Zero Hour installation directory .
  4. Open 'EnglishZH.big' .
  5. Continue following xezon's tutorial (from 2:05 onwards).

Do you play on GameRanger or Cnc-Online / Revora?

I play on both but I mainly play on GameRanger. If you want to contact me on GameRanger, just send me a message. 🙂

My GameRanger Account ID is 8984146.

What is better, Cnc-Online / Revora or GameRanger?

They both have advantages and disadvantages. Let me quickly list the important ones:


Cnc-Online / Revora

If you're new to playing online I recommend starting out with GameRanger as it's easier to connect to other players.

Based on this quick summary, you can make your own decision.

Can I play a game with you?

If you have been playing online regularly for over a year and you are a good player then you are more than welcome! 🙂

Unfortunately I have difficulty with finding time to play the game as is... Preferably I would avoid playing with players who aren't very experienced. I hope you can understand. 🙂

That being said, we have an awesome Discord community with many players of all skill levels who are very eager to play with you. 🙂

Why did you block me on GameRanger?

There are a number of reasons why I block players. All have to do with keeping a smooth livestream with fun high-quality matches. These are the reasons why I block players:

Using Abort to close the game This can cause DC bug and essentially freeze the current match. Players should close the game properly.
Mismatching Mismatches end the match immediately. If I get a suspicion that it's caused by a certain player, I will block them.
Lag If a player lags (either because of slow Internet or a slow PC) they will get blocked.
Maphack detected If a player is detected having maphack they will get blocked.
Noob player in pro match If I specifically check with a player if they are pro but it turns out they are noob, they will get blocked.

If you are blocked it is extremely unlikely you will get unblocked in the future.


What is "pro rules"?

Pro rules are a set of rules agreed on by all players. There are small variations of pro rules depending on the map or match style played. Commonly, pro rules consists of:

The variation I mostly play with also prohibits the Suicide (demo upgrade) upgrade.

A very common variation is for Twilight Flame $50k matches, where superweapons are not allowed (not even for Super Weapon General), and Air Force General is only allowed to use Carpet Bomb after attaining 3-star general.

What is a "mismatch"?

A mismatch can occur during online matches and it stops the match immediately. It occurs because one (or more) players have different data about the match.

For example: Alice plays against Bob. Alice builds a Power Plant, but this data for some reason does not reach Bob's computer. As a result, Alice's version of the match will see the Dozer constructing a Power Plant. On Bob's view that same Dozer will just be standing still (not building anything), because the online game data was not received. Then when Alice builds a Supply Center, it will cause a mismatch. This is because on Bob's version of the match it is impossible for Alice's Dozer to build a Supply Center as to its knowledge no Power Plant has been built.

So what can causes these mismatches to happen?

What are the commonly used expressions or acronyms (e.g. "s&d", "cc", "hunted")?

Here is a list of commonly used acronyms.

Expression Definition
afg Air Force General
ambo Ambulance
Aurora Bomber
arty Artillery Barrage
bm Battlemaster or rarely used for Black Market
bunkerlix Bunker Helix with rocket troops inside
cc Command Center
eco Economy; a reference to income
ffa Free for all (also known as 1v1v1v1v...)
fargo pop That moment when a player evacuates their Tunnel Network at the wrong time, losing all/most units as they come out (named after the expert player Fargo who regularly makes this mistake)
flamer Dragon Tank
gat Gattling Tank
gatlix Helix with the Gattling Cannon upgrade
gg Good game
heli Any helicopter unit, but mainly used for Stealth Comanche
hunted Having lost all Dozers/Workers and Command Centers
inf Infantry General
jk Jarmen Kell
lix Helix
market Black Market
md Missile Defender
no rush Players choose not to attack each other's base for a certain amount of time; commonly 10 minutes
nook Chinook
op Overpowered (implying something is imbalanced or unfair)
ovie Overlord
pc Particle Cannon
pro rules Scroll to What is "pro rules"?
prop Propaganda Center
proplix Helix with Speaker Tower upgrade
qqa Refers to pressing Q twice to select all combat units, and then A for 'Attack Move'—it basically means: All units, attack!
quad Quad Cannon
rap King Raptor
rockvee Humvee with rocket troops inside
scan USA Spy Satelite, USA Spy Drone or GLA Radar Scan
scorp Scorpion Tank
tech Technical (the GLA vehicle)
tech rpg Technical with RPG troopers inside
tech terror,
terror tech
Technical with Terrorists inside
tox Toxin General
towvee Empty Humvee with the TOW missile upgrade (often accompanied by Hellfire Drones, sometimes Scout Drones)
tunnel Reference to Tunnel Network - An ally might say "tunnel me" implying he wants you to build a Tunnel Network in his base
vee Humvee
spam Building a large amount of units (sometimes also referred to buildings like Black Markets or defenses)
sw Superweapon (Particle Cannon, Nuclear Missle or SCUD Storm) or a reference to Superweapon General
Search and Destroy (or a reference to a Strategy Center)
strat Strategy/tactic or Strategy Center
swg Superweapon General
wp Well Played

How can I get my friends interested in C&C Generals Zero Hour?

Briefly explain the three main factions (USA, China, GLA) and then let them play the campaign on easy.


Where do you live?

I live in Malta (the country!) in the Mediterranean Sea.

How old are you?

Between 25 and 35.

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact me is via Discord or e-mail. I check my e-mail multiple times a week, so expect a reply within 48 hours. 😉

My e-mail address is [email protected].

Can I help you out in any way?

If you can help me out with just one of these, then my dude, YOU ROCK! 🤜🤛

Thanks very much for the support, guys! 😍

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