Downloads: Maps

3 Player maps

City Under Fire v2

Free-For-All map. A nice map good for playing 1v1v1 matches. Edited to improve gameplay and balance


A 2vs1 or Free-For-All map. Beautiful and very unique design. Edited to improve gameplay and balance.

4 Player maps


No money map. Two oils in each player's base. Pro Rules are enforced by the map. Designed with visuals in mind. Works with AI.

6 Player maps

Instant-Shock Arena v2

Free for all, 2vs2vs2 and 3vs3 map. A high quality map with great visuals. Very balanced. Includes 'See Pos' and 'Revealed' versions.

Sponsored by Instant-Shock.

8 Player maps

Twilight Flame Revealed

A modification of the Zero Hour map Twilight Flame. The map is permanently revealed to all players and all players will also have radar at all times. Stealth units are not revealed.