Downloads: GenPatcher

GenPatcher v1.2b

Get Command & Conquer Generals and Zero Hour working flawlessly on Windows 10 with GenPatcher. It applies all the latest fixes and will solve around 99% of the issues related to launching the game. Compatible with all major C&C Generals and Zero Hour releases.

GenPatcher v1.2b Offline Bundle

This download package contains GenPatcher with all required and optional files. This download is only recommended for those with limited internet access to allow for offline usage.

Supported Game Installations

The list below shows all supported game installations for GenPatcher. Other game installations may work but are not officially supported. If your game installation is not supported, it is recommended to make a backup of your game installation directory before running GenPatcher.

Apply Fixes

When clicking the Apply Fixes button, the following fixes will be carried out:

Assuming the fixes were applied successfully, the game should now work correctly on Windows 10. Your game installation will be very stable and capable of playing online. In case you still experience any errors, please contact me at [email protected].


GenTool provides enhanced game controls and optimizations to maximize your online gaming experience. Here is a quick list of features:

GenTool comes highly recommended and is essential when playing online. For more information please visit

ControlBar HD

This pack improves texture quality of the control bar by 150-200%. It uses textures 4 times larger than usual and should only be used with high resolutions. For more information please visit

Map Pack

This map pack acts as a 'starter' map pack for single and multiplayer. It contains a variety of popular maps as well as modded maps.

In this pack you will find the most popular cXn maps, AOD maps, mission maps, 100% Cash Bounty maps, and more. This map pack is highly recommended for those who wish to play online.

World Builder v2.2

This is the enhanced World Builder for Zero Hour. It was modified by I^Love^Mixery to make the tool more user-friendly. For more information please visit GeneralsCentral.

Thank You

A special thank you goes out to Xezon, the creator and owner of GenTool. He has spent countless hours helping me make GenPatcher possible. Thank you very much for also hosting most of the necessary files on

Another big thank you goes to Passe for helping me with the German version of the game on Origin. Also a big thanks to the beta-testers: posersk8er, xtrju, FleX, !-Mustafa-!, SkyMix, Kybaexu, AKAbolony, MansteinMünchen, The King, hihisham, and Sir Mira.